Friday, November 18, 2011

Roomies has a new blog helper

Roomies Art space just got itself a blog helper - Me!
I really look more like this:

 I've been a guerilla knitter for a few years now, 
and on a large project, Clarrice came and helped. 
But Clarrice things putting good knitting on a pole
is a waste of wool, so we dont do that so much now.

I help out at Roomies Art Space and spend time with Clarrice one on one. We do art trips, work on her soft toys or window wire tapestries or have manicures.
Her window wire tapestries are very popular and she has sold many.

I hope to one day set up an online shop
for her work and the work of other artists at Roomies. 
Thanks for coming by 
and I hope you stick around.

Denise Litchfield

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