Friday, June 20, 2008

Art, Mind and Meaning: Event (working title tbc)

I propose that Roomies Artspace hosts a symposium on art, mind and meaning, with a particular focus on mental illness and art. Speakers would be practitioners, which with a play on words would enable us to invite speakers from the medical/health world, as well as the art/aesthetics world as well our artists and other interested artists.

I recently attended the Art, beauty, mind talk at the State Library, which was an Artlink launch. Speakers were Imants Tillers, Professor Ian North and Dr Evian Gordon from Westmead Hospital. Dr Gordon, an artist and neurologist, referenced a 21st century paper on Neurology, the New Philosophy. This really epitomised the evening's topic and talkers which was interestingly selected by guest editor Margot Osborne.

We could approach Accessible Arts for assistance, but I would be inclined to aim for an event somewhere at Addison Rd Centre, inconjunction with the forthcoming prints exhibition, advertized in Artlink, Artshub, Acme, ArtAlmanac, Facebook and others? any thoughts anyone?

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