Thursday, December 20, 2007

Roomies Artspace Strategic Plan for 2008

  1. continue fortnightly roomies art class Boarding House Project
  2. annual exhibition Roomies Coordinator and Advisory Board
  3. create/continue roomies advisory board Roomies Coordinator
  4. keep roomies artspace open Advisory Board
  5. extend vol links with roomies artists Roomies Coordinator
  6. run art classes Roomies Coordinator
  7. merchandise roomies stuff Advisory Board
  8. outsider art at newtown festival
  9. outsider art on the road

1. Fortnightly Roomies Art Class
Securely HACC funded, although costs are increasing. Class can be held anywhere if Roomies Artspace has to shut.

2. Annual Exhibition
Fantastic showcase for roomies work and provides funds for artists which they greatly appreciate. Funding for exhibition needs to be sourced (approx $5,000 pa). Smaller exhibition being planned mid year for 2008 due to the next exhibition being at Parliament House early in 2009. The Boarding House Project and Newtown Neighbourhood Centre have previously funded the exhibition but are unable to guarantee 2008 onwards.

3. Roomies Advisory Board
We need to focus our willing and interested friends to achievable outcomes. We have 1 day/week coordinator funding for the first half of 2008 and will use it to generate as much funds and as many linkages as possible. In particular, the Roomies Coordinator's job is to revitalise the Roomies Advisory Board to share the work load. Items 2, 4 and 7 are the Advisory Board's primary agenda!

4. Keep Roomies Artspace Open
The Boarding House Project and Newtown Neighbourhood Centre have been funding the artspace but cannot continue indefinitely. Funding currently exists only until mid 2008. A strong strategic and marketing plan will help us to continue seeking outside funds and partnerships. We have a great profile and relationships already with Addison Rd Centre, Addison Rd Gallery, Marrickville Council, Accessible Arts and Pine St Creative Arts Centre. Roomies is ideally situated for artists from a number of local boarding houses, and we know that travel and lack of motivation are issues the artists face, so we want to minimise change, keeping the Artspace going at Addison Rd as long as we can.

5. Extend Volunteer Linkages
One coordinator hour can generate 4 hours of face to face volunteer art worker/artist linkage. Volunteers require support and assistance. Paperwork and training needs to be properly provided. New volunteers need to be found and followed up! Items 2, 3, 5 and 6 are the Coordinator's primary agenda.

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